We are off to a flying start for 2020 with our new 11+ mock exam dates now available.

This is a progressive program although it may be joined at any time, we suggest that the earlier you join the more benefit you take from it. 

We focus on key areas of the GL 11 plus exam. Gradually increasing difficulty levels by both type and range of question, also introducing more challenging time restrictions as the program progresses. Our August 11 plus mock exam is known for being more difficult than the actual 11+ exam itself, and then the final Sept 11+ mock exam representing a level equal to that of the actual 11+ exam.

Our unique marking system provides detailed results within a couple of days, providing the correct answers against the students answers, colour coded correct / incorrect and missed answers. Pie charts provide scores in each section and the scores in comparison to the whole cohort. We provide a "real exam" environment for all of our mock exams, including the audio instructions. Refreshments are provided. Each 11 plus Mock exam is 2x papers and each session takes up to 2 hours in total.