Our 11 Plus Mock Exams are designed to simulate the actual 11+ exam.  This is a  carefully planned progressive  programme guiding students in developing the skills to master difficult questions and overcome any fear of the exam environment, which can often affect performance. 

Our unique advanced marking system allows us to provide highly detailed performance analysis within days of the exam which 
clearly identifies areas of strength and areas for development.
The exams shown below are held in Heswall, however we are collaborating with reliable tuition centres and tutors to make this service available to more students.

Our Mock Exam Programme

Our progressive 11 plus mock exam program is designed to deliver the skill set required to pass the 11+ exam. Our strategy is to coach students towards the actual exam in stages, focusing on different areas of the exam process as we progress, this includes… Read more

Booking is simple

Once you have selected and booked your exam dates, you will receive an email confirming your place and providing details of the venue(s), what time to arrive, and what time to collect. Everything is provided so you do not need to bring anything along.… Read more

11 Plus Exam .co.uk is dedicated to providing high quality Mock Exams.

We have collaborated with Highflyers Private Tuition in Heswall Wirral And Rednoise Digital Developers in order to create a unique marking system that can provide easy to understand results in a very short time after the exam.

11 Plus Tutors will soon be able to use our system for their own students, offering the opportunity to provide a more efficient mock exam service.