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11 Plus 2021

Welcome Back!

2021 GL 11+ mock exams now live

After a completely crazy year we are very happy to welcome you back to our 2021 11 plus mock exam program. We are without doubt the premiere provider in the North West with extremely high success rates year after year

Booking is easy, just select the mock exams you want to book below, follow the on screen instructions, and that's it!

Full details of our exams can be found on the 'Our Exam Day' tab above. Each session is 2 part 11plus mock exams covering a range of subjects, full graphical results are published within 48 hours, and the actual exam papers are made available to everyone who sat that exam.

Exams Venue: HESWALL Wirral
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Welcome Back!


Provided by Highflyers 11 Plus Tuition

11 Plus 2021

Detailed Reports

Fully detailed graphical reports

Our graphic student performance reports are clear and easy to understand. Showing the correct answers, the student answers, the student score per category, and a cohort comparison.

We keep students performance private from other students for obvious reasons, however knowing the average score of the cohort provides encouragement and indicates where more focus may be required.

All our results / reports are delivered within 48 hours, and parent access to the actual exam paper is provided.

Detailed Reports

Progress Planning

Our easy to understand detailed reports provide valuable indications of performance

11 Plus 2021

The 11 Plus Exam

Learn to beat the 11 Plus

Each 11 plus mock exam session consists of 2 X exam papers, approx 50 minutes each.

Questions will vary from exam to exam as we place additional focus on areas that require it. The GL 11 plus format is followed, and exam conditions are met each time

The 11 Plus Exam


Our 11 plus guide is provided by Highflyers 11 Plus Tuition, Wirrals number 1 tuition provider

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