Our 11 Plus Mock Exam Days

Each 11 plus mock exam session consists of 2 X exam papers, approx 50 minutes each.
Questions will vary from exam to exam as we place additional focus on areas that require it. The GL 11 plus format is followed, and exam conditions are met each time.

Arrival and Pickup

Arrival and pickup times are sent to you in booking confirmation email along with the venue address.

We ask parents to maintain a safe distance from the exam hall and each other. Students are met at the hall entrance and kept safe until you are there to pick them up.

What do I need to bring?

Currently, under Covid conditions, we ask that you provide your own snack and drink, your own black / dark pencil, and rubber. All paperwork is provided.

After the exam

Our detailed graphical results are sent to you usually within 48 hours, along with access to the exam questions for a limited time (usually 2 weeks), so that you can look overthe results and exam questions with your child in your own time.