Welcome back:

Due to restrictions outside of our control caused by Covid19, we were forced to abandon the 2020 Mock Exam program. 
We are now please to say that WE ARE BACK!  With a few changes.

We hope this information helps you, should you still need assistance do not hesitate to contact our team.


Paypal is quick and easy to use and you can pay as a guest, however they charge for that convenience, not unlike Sainsbury's Local or Tesco Express who charge 15% extra on all goods for the convenience.

Paypal charge us 3.4% and we absorb 1% of that,  we pass the remaining 2.4% Paypal charge on.

Book as normal, however no payment is made and your booking is unconfirmed, we will receive your request immediately and act upon that, as soon as funds have transferred into our account your booking changes from "pending" to "confirmed", you do not need to do anything else.  

This process may take longer in some cases, but do not worry, and contact us should you have any concerns.

11 Plus Exams is not set up for Childcare Voucher Payments, however, Highflyers Tuition is, and so once you have booked online, your request is directed to Highflyers and marked as "pending", Highflyers.biz will contact you to take the payment, once completed your booking changes to "confirmed".

This process can happen within minutes, or it can take 48 hours, please be patient. Contact us if you have any concerns.

Yes. Everything was provided before COVID19, however, under current government guidelines pencils, rubbers, drink and small snack must be provided by the individual. Please arrive  20 minutes before the start, and pickup no earlier thank 15 minutes before the finish