Our 11 Plus Mock Exams are designed to simulate the actual 11+ exam.  This is a  carefully planned progressive  programme guiding students in developing the skills to master difficult questions and overcome any fear of the exam environment, which can often affect performance. 

Our unique advanced marking system allows us to provide highly detailed performance analysis within days of the exam which 
clearly identifies areas of strength and areas for development.
The exams shown below are held in Heswall, however we are collaborating with reliable tuition centres and tutors to make this service available to more students.

We are off to a flying start for 2020 with our new mock exam dates now available. This is an 8 part program which may be joined at any time, read more about the programme below

11 plus mock exam

Our progressive program is designed to deliver the skill set required to pass the 11+ exam.

Our strategy is to coach students towards the actual exam in stages, focusing on different areas of the exam process as we progress, this includes mastering the exam itself and building confidence within the examination room environment.  Exam Results identify, and allow us to act upon, areas of concern for the individual, our unique advanced marking and reporting system allows us to identify and recommend specific support where it's needed most.

Feedback from our previous programs has shown that students develop the skills to answer difficult questions, overcome their fear and anxiety of the exam environment, feel less pressure on the actual exam day, enabling them to focus on getting the job done within the allocated time. Our success rate is unchallenged.

The information obtained from the personalised results reports of each student the information is priceless, we have carried out mock exams over the past 5 years and students have been known to make gains of up to 20%.



11+ Question Types

Question types vary, as do timings and level of difficulty throughout the program, exposing students to new challenges at each and every stage. February begins with relatively generous timings and a narrower question range, stepping up in April to more challenging timings and a wider range of questions. 

Towards Sept students may find our exam to be even more testing than the actual exam, this is a part of our programme strategy.

  • Feb   Beginner
  • Mar   Lets Focus
  • Apr   Step it up
  • May  Even tougher
  • July  Time to shine
  • Aug  Mastery
  • Sept Final Simulation

11+ Mock Exams

Are designed to reflect the actual 11+ test, and include the following features:

  • 2x 11+ GL mock exam papers 45-50 minutes each with a short break in between.
  • Papers contain a range of Verbal Reasoning (including comprehension and vocabulary)
  • Non Verbal Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning Questions.
  • Timed sections accompanied by audio timing instruction to students.
  • Marked using sophisticated software as in the actual 11+ mock exam

Following the 11 plus mock Exam

  • A highly detailed feedback report delivered is within days of the exam taking place.
  • Feedback allows parents to see clearly areas of strength and areas for development.
  • Clear indication of performance against peer group allowing you to rank your child within the cohort.
  • Focused pre-bookable booster sessions delivered by expert teachers.